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Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
's worth of tax increases or $10 worth of basically tax cuts and everybody raised their hands and said they would not accept that. we have become a country where -- it is not just one side, both sides, but more one side now than ever is not willing to be realistic about how we can tackle these challenges. if there is a crisis that i see in the united states for the long term, it is not the temporal issue of how we will deal with money. because i am very confident we will be able to deal with that. it is how will we bring that -- bring back our sense of what we can accomplish together as americans when we are realistic about those challenges. that is the thing i think about with the word "crisis" in this country. >> mayor castro is not the first to suggest that. for 10 years now, we heard that the government is not asking all of us to do enough. >> it is interesting. the word "sacrifice," when i hear a politician say that, it usually means grab your wallet. it usually means increasing taxes. and i will give president obama credit to in his the first presidential candidate since walter m
Oct 2, 2012 8:00pm EDT
and a tax cut. that was done with the republican governor, is split between republicans and democrats in the house and senate. it was a bipartisan effort. we got it done for texas. road. been on the i really do not know. >> mr. sadler, a democrat has not won a statewide office in texas since 1994. do you consider this an uphill battle? >> for an open senate seat, it is always a battle, and should be, and needs to be, regardless of the party. i understand we have not elected a democrat in a long time. >> let's go to mr. cruz. he said the day after you beat lt. governor dewhurst, he said he would run scared for the general election. but you have agreed to this and what other debt -- televised debate. you criticized governor dewhurst for having almost 40 candidate forms up to the primary, but are you planning its eighth and coasting? safe and coasting? >> we have been crisscrossing the state of texas. we have been all over the state, literally hundreds of dop's and vfw halls and enny's talking with voters in every part of the state. that is what we are doing between now and election day.
Sep 26, 2012 6:00am EDT
that american tax dollars must never ever be used to support the trafficking of human beings. we will have zero tolerance. we mean what we say. we will enforce it. no government can meet this challenge alone. everybody has a responsibility. every nation can take action. modern anti-trafficking laws must be passed and enforced. victims must be cared for. the united states congress should renew the trafficking victims protection act. this is a no-brainer. we need to get that down. -- get that done. as nations, let's recommit to addressing the underlying forces that pushed so many into bondage in the first place. with development and economic growth that creates legitimate jobs, there is less likelihood of indentured servitude around the globe. a sense of justice that says no child should ever be exported -- that should be burnt into the cultures of every country. a commitment to equality, as in the equal futures partnership we launched with other nations yesterday, so countries can empower our sisters and daughters. every business can take action. all the business leaders here, companies have the
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
with several giffords before her accident. securing the border. tax when it comes to the telephones. i have a long history of working with both sides of the aisle because i believe if we are going to solve the problems facing the nation, republicans and democrats will have to come together and solve them. >> you have one minute. >> i think it is very important we do work together. we do on many issues. one of the things i recall working across party lines is for the elimination of the state tax. -- the estate tax. i worked with mr. brady and we worked together to eliminate that tax. that was across party lines and breaking with my own party to make sure we do what i think is right for the american people. one of the issues that is very important and we talk about a lot is jobs. and making sure we provide an environment where we can create good-paying jobs and keep them right here in the state of nevada. small businesses, making sure we pass the hire act, which my opponent voted against. the small business jobs back to which my opponent voted against. making sure we make nevada the clean ene
Sep 28, 2012 1:00am EDT
liberties. good i have been doing that every single day. i work on the issue of jobs, taxes, spending. the reason i went back to congress is to continue to work to protect the american people against those who would destroy our way of life, and they are still there. good >> let's begin the questions. a reminder of the rules for each survey. the first question comes from marianne of public radio. >> comcast announced hundreds of job cuts in our area. you talk about jobs. he said congress failed to create enough jobs. when you solicited questions, the overriding issue was job creation. people want you to be very specific, so can you give us a concrete example of how you create jobs? >> there is no greater issue in our region. we are facing close to a 11% unemployment. we found out comcast is going to lose up to 300 jobs. they are threatening to lose jobs. we lost our fortune 500 company. we have to start bringing business to this region, and we can do that. i talked to small business owners. they are ready to start hiring again. the problem they have is getting access to loans. we need
Sep 27, 2012 1:00am EDT
are bound to vote for obama, the number of people who do not pay federal income tax, and the number of people who receive some sort of federal benefit, that that is all the same 47%. i doubt we will hear that again. >> anybody want to disagree? >> probably not. i do not know if that -- it was for consumption by a very small public. those with big wallets. >> that gives you an important aspect of our fact checking. we focus on the big, national messages, but we know there is lots of micro-targeting going on that is using very precise media to hit very precise audiences. we are not seeing that. we try, we asked readers to submit ideas through facebook and e-mail and what ever. we get a tiny portion of that. i think the case in point, this mailing i got from the romney campaign, maybe that is not going to be a message we hear romney assert at the debate, but it is clearly won the campaign is continuing to make. talk to campaign people, they will tell you, hey, you do not know about the ads you did not see that are running in tiny markets in ohio and florida and what ever. i think there
Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, the men women and children who were killed in wars, massacres, tax, raids, and about the beautiful country that was the beacon of coexistence, progress, and a crossroads of civilization. they died in the camps of displacement and refuge to which they were expelled. they awaited the moment which they would resume their lives and complete their journey that was interrupted. they died while they clung to their legitimate human right to justice and freedom. as the time not come to undo this injustice? 77% of the palestinian people are under the age of 35. they did not experience the horrors, but they know very well all the horrendous details from the accounts told to them by their parents and grandparents who been diverted -- endured it. as a result of the practices of the occupation on the land that is diminishing on the rise -- and the horizon before them that is blocking their simple, ordinary dreams. they see their homelands and they say firmly, we shall not allow it to happen. i say to you, ladies and gentleman, that the great palestinian people will not allow themselves to be the victim.
Sep 26, 2012 1:00am EDT
economic reform. things like tax reform and energy reform. it is many months until the election. my guess is that what we will see is a stable outcome in 2013. the prospect for reform are less than their now. that is not a pretty picture. if it means you have more people potentially, people feel their voices are heard. are there such things as been stability, so on, people are being represented. does this mean we can look forward to a government that can tackle the big issues? i am not terribly optimistic. again, that would be wide america, if america and other countries -- let's call it the japanese and australians, etcetera, if they want to see change, it is the opposite of what the dollar lama tells you united states and elsewhere. politics having a major change that would make the structures able to take on the financial and big issues you're talking about a writ on the second question about what initiatives can we take -- you don't want -- if you are making an argument for society ties, it may be disingenuous to say the government should do this. but as a parker, i would hope we coul
Sep 25, 2012 8:00pm EDT
it becomes to affect reform. especially in psych tax reform and energy reform. -- especially things like tax reform and energy reform. my guess is what we will see is a stable outcome in 2013 were the prospects for reform are less than they are now. that is not a pretty picture. it means you have more people in the tent so people feel the voices are being heard. people have argued are there such things as constituent in pakistani politics. but people are being represented. does this mean we can look homeward after 2013 to a government that can tackle the big issues? i am not terribly optimistic. that would be by america, if america and other like-minded countries, want to see change, it is the opposite of what the dalai lama tells you. change comes from without. the most potentially positive thing that could happen that would change the structure of things in pakistan in a good way would be opening up to india. indian capital. having opportunities for pakistani laborer with south asian investments from the united states and elsewhere. i do not see the domestic politics having a major change
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)